The Maasai Fun Facts

The Maasai Fun Facts

  • – They believe in one god who dwells in all things and can manifest himself as either kindly or destructive. When god is good he’s black. When god is bad he’s red. They’ve never heard of a white god.
  • – They also conveniently believe that god gave them all the cattle on earth. And consider nothing wrong with raiding cattle from others: they’re just taking back what’s theirs in the first place.
  • – Their spiritual leaders have earned a reputation of best healers in Tanzania, despite the abundance of doctors practicing western medicine.
  • – They never had, or been subjected to, slavery.
  • – They are most feared for throwing spears, which could be accurately thrown from up to 100 meters.
  • – I haven’t seen a single fat Maasai. They get fat and get caries only when they move to the cities.
  • – Babies are not recognized as living beings until they reach “3 moons old”. Due to high infant mortality.
  • – They don’t have funerals. The dead are left for scavengers. Instead of autopsy doctors they rely on hyenas – if they don’t want to eat the body, it means something’s wrong with it. 
  • – Their delicacy is considered to be fresh cow’s blood mixed with milk. That’s what makes them strong, they say. Quite a milkshake, I say.

Maasai people


They love it. “Lion hunting is all about challenging another creature without cheating. Facing a lion in the African savanna is an experience of a life time” – they say. They still remember good old days when they would go agains a lion one on one. But now they hunt one lion in groups, so that everybody gets to have a bit of “fun” without killing the whole population of lions. They also never hunt lionesses, because they are the “bearers of life”.

But lately the government has banned to hunt lions altogether. Unless, of course, you can afford to join Western Hunters Club and shoot them to your heart content. The Maasai, on the other hand, consider it a disgrace to hunt a lion in a jeep and with a rifle. All you need, they say, is one spear, one shield and your balls. And then you chase a lion with rattle bells to make him angry and provoke a fight, so that the lion faces the warrior. Quite different from the Hunters Club tactics, huh? Not to mention that during the hunt, some Maasai warriors lose the game. So it’s only fair that they pay a higher price on lion hunt than any of the Hunters Club members.

“The game between warriors and lions is similar to that of a cat and a mouse” – the Maasai say. I wander who’s who in that game.

So despite the law, like any good junkie, it’s hard for the Maasai to give up the adrenaline rush of a lion hunt. And when an occasional lion is killed, it is told to the authorities they were protecting their cattle. “Imagine losing your bank account to a scammer? What would you do?” – they paint you a picture.

More information on “Recommended safe environment when hunting a lion” and “Tools and requirements” can be found here: – “This is not a manual for lion hunting, rather information about the Maasai culture” – they state. 

Just like everything you’ve just read 😉

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