Dancing with the Maasai

Dancing with the Maasai

The Maasai love to sing and dance. Which is fascinating because no instruments are used, apart from blowing into kudu horns. But they are quite the vocalists and dance to the sound of their voice. Their songs don’t really have any meaningful words, but rather repetitious rhythmic syllables. I didn’t try to sing, but gave it a go at dancing. After all, I do have a few good yeas of clubbing behind me. So there we were: women – to the left, men – to the right, and me – on the side.


“Who are you kidding?” – I saw the question mark in the kid’s eyes.


And just as I thought I was fitting in nicely…


… he decided to take that thing of the kid’s mother’s neck …

head squeeze
… and squeeze my head through it. Just in case I didn’t feel comfortable yet.

Dancing with Maasai

Now that we broke the ice, the girls showed me some sexy moves and we started dancing.

learning the moves

Basically you have to flop that collar with your chest, while jumping up and down. And so I did the best I could, with whatever I had.

Maasai men dancing

Then the men took the stage.

Maasai men dance

Unlike women, men move around while dancing, following each other.

Maasai dance and sing

They also make vocal sounds and blow into kudu horns.

Maasai men dance

When flirting, a guy would face a woman and they would start rhythmically pushing their pelvises against each other while singing in unison.

Maasai grooving

Yeah he’s grooving 🙂 

Maasai men dance

Maasai traditional dance

Maasai men dance

There is also a jumping competition, which is part of a dance. The guys stand in a circle and sing, while a few of them get in the middle and jump to the rhythm. The higher you jump the bigger balls you have.

Maasai jumping

Maasai jumping

…and they quite make fun of each other if you can’t outjump the others 🙂

Going with Maasai

Now that the dance ceremony was over, we were ushered into their village as their welcomed guests.

Going into the Maasai village

Where I’ve learned about their customs, visited their school and even got a marriage proposal!

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