Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal from Travelogue Life on Vimeo.

Paragliding in Pokhara

The weather wasn’t at its best, but the pilot was! What a great flight!

Island Peak

Island Peak

  • – A 6189 meter mountain in the Himalayas, 10km away from Everest. 
  • – It’s higher than half of the World’s Seven Summits.
  • – Was first climbed in 1956 as preparation exercise for Everest summit attempt.
  • – Officially called Imja Tse, but popularly known as Island Peak because half a century ago it reminded some dude of “an island in the sea of ice”.
  • – If you take a person from sea level and put him directly on the summit, he will die within half an hour: the level of oxygen up there is only 45% of what you normally get.

This post is a proof that you don’t need experience to get places. When I signed up for Island Peak, I had never trekked, hiked, let alone climbed before. I haven’t been at altitude higher than 1500m and was oblivious to the phenomenon of thin air. My diet was a disaster, amount of wine in it – disturbing, and exercise – nonexistent. I was depressed and needed something. Himalayas seemed like a perfect remedy. I saw the pictures of beautiful scenery this trip promised to hold and made up my mind in an instant. I disregarded the warning of “difficulty level” being “six out of six”, and thought of a few times I went to the gym. “Oh come on, how hard can it be – I said to myself – moving your feet and enjoying the view”. Little did I know how breathtaking, literally, it would be.  

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